Research data: query, summaries and reports

General query

The GREC has a public view where you can consult the RESEARCH DATA relating to the University of Girona. The search is done through a form that allows you to filter by researcher or select by group of people (department, area of knowledge, research groups, etc.). The form allows you to select by type of research activity: INPUTS (projects, research grants, infrastructures, special actions, group grants and contracts/agreements); SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTION (publications, contributions to conferences and theses, dissertations and directed research).

Summary by department or research group

The GREC has a public view where you can see a SUMMARY of research data related to each DEPARTMENT  or RESEARCH GROUP .

Once inside, select the Department or Research Group of interest and you will see summary tables of the researchers and their activities (scientific production and inputs) that appear in the institutional database. You can select more than one Department or Research Group (by holding down the Control “Ctrl” key) to make a multiple query. In the tables that will appear, you can click on the numbers in blue to see which records they represent, and navigate through the records to see more details.

Generation of research reports

The Departments, Research Institutes and Research Groups of the UdG may need an annual summary of their scientific activity (personnel list, research projects, agreements and contracts, scientific publications, etc.) in order to prepare their reports or research reports.

This data is extracted from the institutional GREC and must be requested through