CV generation from Grec

In the case of the UdG, the curriculum vitae is generated through the curriculum manager GREC  . Although there are different report models, the CVN (Standard Currículum Vitae) and the CVA (Abbreviated Currículum Vitae) are the digital CVs that provide standardised content and format. The CVN is a project started by the FECYT and aims to create a single curriculum format that serves all areas of knowledge and can be presented in any type of call. 

Currently, these are the formats required for calls at state level for the financing of R+D+I projects.

How are the CVN and CVA generated?

The CVN and CVA are generated through the curriculum manager GREC  . Once inside the GREC, access the “Generate reports” section, where you will see the list of resume models that can be generated from the GREC. The most up-to-date versions are always the CVN and the CVA.

The information that is not entered into the curriculum@ GREC, will not be shown in the curriculum and cannot be incorporated into the generated document.

The CVN and CVA formats issued by the GREC are certified by the FECYT.

IMPORTANT: remember that any manipulation of the certified CVN invalidates the document.

Can be generated CVN be edited?

In some specific cases, the researcher may need to modify specific CV data, such as the current professional situation.