Dissemination of science to citizens

Citizen participation in research is a key aspect of Responsible Research and Innovation that seeks to promote greater interaction between society and the scientific community. It aims for scientists to apply research beyond the laboratory, and for citizens, in addition to being beneficiaries of the achievements of science and technology, to play a more relevant role in all phases of research and innovation. The concept of civic participation covers a wide range of activities, with several levels of interaction, from science outreach initiatives to participation in research projects and institutions.

The UdG promotes Citizen Participation

Bringing research and innovation closer to citizens brings benefits for both society and the research institutions themselves, as it promotes citizens being better informed and science more highly valued. The University of Girona promotes research and innovation that is more inclusive and encourages, through different activities of scientific communication, dissemination and citizen participation, bringing our society and science closer together. Citizen participation is a key aspect of the RRI as it allows researchers to align their lines of research and innovation with the needs and interests of society.

Science education

Science education is a tool for bringing science over to children and encouraging their interest in research and innovation. It aims on the one hand to make the science more attractive for young people and is focused on the current educational for providing students with the appropriate skills and knowledge for their future participation in research- and innovation-related decision-making. On the other hand, it aims to awaken new scientific and technological vocations in order to increase the number of researchers and guarantee the training of responsible scientists. In recent years, the promotion of science has evolved and education science has become a fundamental pillar to achieve a scientifically literate society. In addition, it plays a very important role in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) as it promotes students to become responsible citizens. The University of Girona, as an institution committed to education and RRI, is helping to achieve this goal by carrying out several scientific activities aimed at young people and teenagers. The UdG, through experimentation and direct contact with its scientific community, is consolidating the interest of young students in science, promoting research and innovation that meet ethical and sustainable standards and awakening new scientific vocations.Activitieshttps://www.udg.edu/ca/investiga/udgdivulga/outreach-activities