Do you want to lead a thesis at the UdG?

If a candidate for a PhD gets in touch with you, keep in mind the following:

  1. Ask the programme coordinator to register you as a tutor in a research line: If you do this during the month of January, students who pre-register in the spring or summer of the same year to enrol in September will be able to select you as their tutor. You can consult the contact details of the coordinator and the research lines of a doctoral programme  . This will also make you visible on the programme website with a link to your personal plan.
  2. They propose to colleagues already registered as tutors in the research line to direct a thesis with them: You can consult the people linked to the research lines of a doctoral programme  .
  3. They guide the candidate in the access requirements, the calendar and the pre-registration process: See all the information  .
  4. Consult the guide for tutors and thesis supervisors: In “My UdG”, following the icon and selecting “PhD School”.
  • Tutor: In general, they must be a full-time member of the PDI of the UdG with a six-year period of active research and with a link to one of the programme’s research lines.

It is the tutor’s responsibility to ensure the interaction of the doctoral students with the Academic Committee, to help them monitor the activities they carry out, through the review of the activity document (DAD), and to ensure that all academic aspects that affect the preparation, presentation and defence of the doctoral thesis are developed appropriately.

The assignment of the tutor is formalised when the Academic Committee of the programme admits the doctoral student to the programme.

At the time of pre-registration, the candidate selects a tutor from the list of tutors available in the research line in the pre-registration computer application, usually after having discussed with him or her an outline of the thesis project. This choice is not binding.

  • Director: The thesis director must have six years of active research, regardless of the university, centre or institution in which he/she provides his/her services. It is understood that directors who do not work in Spanish universities are asked to have equivalent merits to those valued by AQU-Catalunya or the CNEAI for six years of research.

The director of the thesis is the most responsible for the guidance of the doctoral student in the research activities leading to the realisation of the doctoral thesis, the coherence and suitability of the training activities, the impact and novelty of the subject of the doctoral thesis in their field and of the guidance in planning and its adaptation, if applicable, to other projects and activities to which the doctoral student is linked. The director will also carry out the annual follow-up of the doctoral student.

If the director meets the requirements to tutor theses, both roles usually fall to the same person.

  • Codirector:┬áThe thesis may be co-directed by a maximum of three directors for reasons of an academic nature, such as thematic interdisciplinarity or programmes executed in national or international collaboration. If the thesis is co-directed, at least one of the directors must have six years of active research and the others may be active researchers in accordance with UdG regulations.