Geographic information and remote sensing

Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Service (SIGTE) at the University of Girona, created in 1994, supports research, specialised in handling geolocation information and the use and application of geographical information technologies.

Visualisation of geographical data: online maps, and cartography

We design and produce statically available maps for publication in articles, on webpages, in brochures and in other paper media, as well as the cartography needed for projects in any discipline.
We develop maps for web environments that allow the dynamic visualisation of geographical information and interaction with data. We incorporate advanced features to facilitate information communication and management, such as a search option, data filtering, report generating, data downloading and a content manager.

SIG: Analysis and processing of geographic data

We process and we analyse geographical data from any project or research:

  • Model analysis and trend identification
  • Spatial distributions and relations
  • 2D and 3D scenario simulations
  • Time series analysis.
  • Analysis of locations and optimum routes.
  • Environmental and landscape impact analysis.
  • Network analysis
  • Geostatistics

We offer support in data model designing and geographical database creation for subsequent use, display or analysis.
We design and implement Geographical Information System projects.

Remote sensing

We process, analyse and interpret satellite images to understand environmental phenomena happening around the world: we find the most suitable satellite images for a study and apply analysis processes such as index calculations, corrections, band combinations and reclassification methods in order to obtain results.

Search and acquisition of digital cartographic sources

Any territory-related project or study requires the integration of different cartographic sources, both reference and thematic: topographic, thematic cartography, orthophotomaps, LiDAR, digital terrain and elevation models.
We advise on the cartographic requirements of the project, look for the necessary cartography through the different geographical data portals available on the network and, if necessary, adapt and transform it to integrate it into the project.